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Every little bit helps us and your community! You may donate financially to St. Vincent de Paul Plymouth by using Paypal. Money donations go directly to SVDP Plymouth. Any donations made to our non-profit charity organization are tax deductible and appreciated. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Plymouth is a 501(c)(3) religious nonprofit tax exempt organization. We receive a substantial amount of our monetary support from you in the general public. You can donate online, by mail, or in person at our SVDP Community Store at 2225 Eastern Ave, Plymouth, WI 53073. Thank you! Please call 920-892-4913 with any questions. There are several ways you can contribute to St. Vincent de Paul Plymouth.

Financial Gifting – One time or Reccuring

Monetary gifts given to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (Plymouth, WI) provide vital financial support to local families in need. These monies directly fund outreach programs in your community. The monetary gift you donate today will be used to help families struggling with poverty. As part of our St. Vincent de Paul family, we depend on you, our Catholic Communities and the general public for support. We are grateful for any support you offer. You may donate by clicking on the Donate Now button (below) on this page. Thank you for your contribution.

Planned Giving

Creating your Legacy of Faith, include the Society in your financial, tax or estate planning. Contact our Executive Director at 920-892-4913 or email for more details.

Matching Gifts

The perfect match for your generosity is a matching gift from your employer. Many companies offer their employees charitable giving opportunities. By remembering to ask about matching gifts, you can double or even triple the amount you donate to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Some employers ask you to send the appropriate form, along with your gift, directly to the Society. National Staff will complete and return the paperwork to your company, who will forward their charitable match to the Society. Other companies will collect your donation, add their matching funds to your gift, and send it to the National Office. Whichever method your company uses – and whether you’re working or retired – please look into this tremendous opportunity to magnify your generosity and help the Society of St. Vincent de Paul grow in its service to the poor. Contact our Executive Director at 920-892-4913 or email for more details.

Memorial or Tribute Gifts

A gift to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul for a loved one is a meaningful way to honor or memoralize that person. Tribute gifts can be a perfect birthday, wedding or holiday gift for the person who has everything. When you make a tribute or memorial gift, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul will send a letter to the recipient or the recipient’s family to let them know about your gift. The amount of your gift is not disclosed. We will also send an acknowledgement to you as the donor. Contact our Executive Director at 920-892-4913 or email for more details.

Donate Funds to SVDP Plymouth

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Volunteer at SVDP Plymouth

New members (Vincentians) and volunteers are always welcome and needed at SVDP. Call us at 920-892-4913 to learn more about getting involved with our St. Vincent de Paul Conference in Plymouth. Inquire about the available store volunteer opportunities, while visiting at our store. Or click here to sign up!

Our Community Store is growing with the new building addition and renovation in 2016. Become a part of our Store Family! Volunteers are always needed at our Community Store. Consider sharing your talents by volunteering a morning or afternoon once a week, bi-weekly or even monthly. Volunteer opportunities may include the following: Tagging, hanging, and putting away adult and children’s clothing; Cleaning and tagging various donated items; Displaying and stocking items on the sales floor; Sorting and stocking books for Book Department; Cleaning and organizing items for the Toy Department; Assisting on home deliveries/pickups; and so much more! .

Volunteer with Us.

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Donate @ VINNIES!

Donate to VINNIES! VINNIES is the St. Vincent de Paul Community Store in Plymouth, WI. Looking to declutter? Cleaning out the house? Moving? Items not sold after garage/rummage sale? Bring your gently used goods to VINNIES. We are very grateful and appreciative of your donated goods. Profit made from your items sold at our store helps people needing assistance in your local community. Monies are allocated towards the SVDP Outreach Department. These monies benefit your community in the form of assistance programs. In-store vouchers are also offered to qualifying community members needing necessary household items and clothing for their families. Your donations may be dropped off at our donation center at SVDP Plymouth (VINNIES).

Not only are you directly impacting your community with donations, but you are recycling! Community thrift stores reduce waste. Recycling, up-cycling, or re-purposing allows us to be environmentally conscious as well.
Take pride in your acts of donation! Your unwanted items may be someone else’s treasures.

Go to our Donations & Pickup FAQ.

Arrange Pickup from VINNIES!

Scheduling a pickup for your donation is easy and a great alternative to dropping off at the SVDP Community Store. Click here to schedule a pickup for your donated items. Or call us at 920-892-4913 ext 105 to arrange for pickup of donation items or fill out this online form and you will be contacted. We schedule pickups on Thursdays of every week. We serve the following areas: Plymouth, Elkhart Lake, Greenbush, Glenbeulah, Random Lake, Adell, Batavia, Cascade, Waldo and Parnell. Items must be located on ground level and outside of the building. For their safety, our drivers cannot enter buildings at pickup locations. Go to our Donations FAQ page for a list of acceptable items.

We Pick up Donated Items for You.

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National Vehicle Donation Program SVDP

The National Vehicle Donation Program is coordinated by the national council Society of St. Vincent de Paul®, a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. Society of St. Vincent de Paul® offers tangible assistance to those in need on a person-to-person basis. It is this personalized involvement that makes the work of the Society unique. This aid may take the form of intervention, consultation, or often through direct dollar or in-kind service. An essential precept of the Society’s work is to provide help while conscientiously maintaining the confidentiality and dignity of those who are served. The Society recognizes that it must assume, also, a role of advocacy for those who are defenseless or voiceless. Some 12 million persons are helped annually by members of the society called Vincentians. Your vehicle donation will help fund St. Vincent de Paul’s® programs in local communities across the country. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Used vehicles may be turned into money to provide critical items such as food, shelter, housing, care for the elderly, or medicine. Your contribution is tied directly to your location. That means your donation will help someone in your immediate community. If necessary, the donation can provide much-needed transportation. Individuals living in poverty often have trouble obtaining vehicles. Difficulty finding reliable, affordable transportation adds to the burden of poverty, and your donation may provide transportation to someone allowing them the dignity of keeping a job to support their family.

Acceptable motor vehicles include car, trucks, boats, motorcycles, trailers, and more! SVDP USA in coordination with will turn any vehicle into a valuable donation to bring hope and assistance to those in need.

Learn more about the National Vehicle Donation Program through SVDP USA..

National Vehicle Donation Program SVDP USA

Donate My Vehicle

Frequently Asked Questions – Donatons


Below is a list of common questions and answers pertaining to item donations and pickup of donated goods at SVdP Plymouth. One very important question. Why should you donate to The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Plymouth? SVdP Plymouth is a locally-based organization that provides assistance to low-income individuals and families in need. The goal of the Society is to end poverty. We believe in helping people get back on their feet by supporting them through tough times. In addition to many volunteers who meet with people in their homes to help them, we sponsor various community outreach assistance programs. If you have additional questions, call us at 920-892-4913 or email us at


What are you donation hours?


Donation drop-off is available 24/7 at the back of the building.


Are donations tax deductible?


Yes. We provide a receipt at the time of donation.


How do I value my donation?


According to the IRS, we are not appraisers of your donations; please refer to IRS link This matter is discussion between you and your accountant to determine the value of your donations.


Will SVdP Plymouth pick up my donated items?


Yes. Call us at 920-892-4913 ext 105 to arrange for pickup of donation items or fill out this Donation Pick Up form and you will be contacted. We schedule pickups on Thursdays of every week. We serve the following areas: Plymouth, Elkhart Lake, Greenbush, Glenbeulah, Random Lake, Adell, Batavia, Cascade, Waldo, Parnell.


Will SVdP Plymouth pick up furniture, appliances, or other items?


Yes. We accept any clean and working appliances or furniture. These items must be on ground level and outside for pick up. Due to liability issues, our drivers cannot enter buildings.


Will SVdP accept my donated clothes and linens?


Yes. Clothing and linens should be washed and free from rips. Small spots are okay. Be mindful when donating. Ask yourself “would I like to wear or use this item?”


How do you determine your prices?


Our staff of trained merchandisers determine pricing based on condition, size, brand, floor space, and trends. If you have a pricing discrepancy, contact us at 920-892-4913 or email us at


Does SVdP Plymouth provide clothing or items to people in need?


Yes. We provide “in-kind” store vouchers @ VINNIES for people needing assistance in our community. We serve people in the following areas: Plymouth, Elkhart Lake, Greenbush, Glenbeulah, Random Lake, Adell, Batavia, Cascade, Waldo and Parnell. If you are needing assistance, please fill out the online Assistance Application form and you will be contacted. You may also contact our Outreach Department at 920-892-4913 ext. 101 with any questions.


In addition to helping local families in need, how does the SVdP Plymouth Community Store (VINNIES) help the community?


Thrift shopping is good for our environment! Our goal is to serve the environment as well as our community in need. We are part of the reuse, reduce, re-purpose, and recycle movement. We divert substantial pounds of product from our landfills.


Do you accept donated CRT televisions, monitors or other computer items?


Yes and No. We do NOT accept CRT “tube” televisions or monitors. But, you may pay a disposal fee for these items and SVdP Plymouth will dispose of them for you. We do NOT accept computer towers. We do accept working LCD display monitors. Please refer to our list of unacceptable items below.


List of Unacceptable Items at SVdP Plymouth (VINNIES).


  • Televisions (unless paying disposal fee)
  • Computers towers
  • Water beds
  • Water bed frames
  • Freon-based appliances
  • Tires
  • Car batteries
  • Fuel powered tools
  • Gasoline
  • Oils
  • Antifreeze
  • Pesticides
  • Paint
  • Paint thinner
  • Aerosols and other unfriendly waste products
  • Partially used or open personal care items
  • Guns and ammunition
  • Cribs, Car seasts, baby walkers
  • Traditional recyclables (glass, cardboard, plastics, junk mail)