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So many reasons to make a road trip to VINNIES (Plymouth, WI) in SE Wisconsin. Whether it be for antiques, collectibles, furniture, fashion, or our selection of NEW CrossRoads religious and inspirational items, shoppers travel from far and near to shop here! And don’t forget about our HUGE selection of items during the holidays either. Your treasure is waiting for you @ VINNIES. Stop and shop @ VINNIES first. You might find just what you’re looking for today! Our departments include the following: Antiques/Collectibles, Furniture, Appliances, Home Furnishings, Home Decor, Crafts, Linens, Home Lighting, Home Maintenance, Household and Kitchen Goods, Outdoor & Garden, Beauty Products, Greeting Cards and Bags, School Supplies, Electronics, Books & Media, Sporting Goods, Toys, Clothing for Women/Men/Children, Fashion Accessories, and the CrossRoads Department showcasing NEW Religious & Spiritual gifts.

Support your community and save money by shopping @ VINNIES!  By shopping @ VINNIES, your monies bring support to the programs that help local families in crisis and guide the to the road to self-sufficiency. A significant portion of our program revenue is generated through purchases at our shoppers @ VINNIES. Thank you for your continued support and much needed donations! Any donations made to our non-profit charity organization (VINNIES) are tax deductible and very appreciated! The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Plymouth is a 501(c)(3) religious nonprofit tax exempt organization.

Click here for more information and frequently asked questions regarding donations, local pickup and volunteering @ VINNIES.

Did you know that being a parent is easy @ VINNIES? Kids grow up sooo fast! Why pay more than you have to? There is also a HUGE selection of clothes, outerwear, footwear and accessories for adults, tweens and kids. Stop and shop VINNIES first! And since we are a nonprofit charity, monies spent @ VINNIES (St. Vincent de Paul Plymouth) directly support our local community. Visit and LIKE our Facebook page to browse daily inventory posts & photos.

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Loyalty Card @ VINNIES

Since SVdP Plymouth & VINNIES is growing with the new building addition and renovation in 2016-2017; maybe you can grow with us too! Join our Loyalty Card (Rewards) Program @ VINNIES. So many times we hear our customers say during their purchase, “Yes! I thought I had $5 off coming up!”

When you become part of the Loyalty Card Program @ VINNIES, you earn one point for each pre-tax dollar you spend. After 50 points you get $5 dollars off a future purchase. Points accumulate through your purchases @ VINNIES and do not expire. Points ($ redeemed) can not be used on purchases that include the following items: CrossRoads, Antiques, Collectibles, “Newer” mattresses or Candy.

Stop @ VINNIES to sign up for our Loyalty Card Program and start earning savings! You are investing in the future savings of your shopping @ VINNIES.

CrossRoads @ VINNIES!

Looking for a special gift? Travel no further than St. Vincent de Paul in Plymouth, WI! Find your perfect gift in our CrossRoads corner @ VINNIES. The CrossRoads Department @ Vinnies offers “NEW” Christian merchandise for you and your family. Find inspirational clothing, jewelry, art, toys, holiday and special occasion gifts at CrossRoads. Shop seasonal displays within CrossRoads that spotlight different occasions focusing on Christmas, Easter, Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Patriotism, Inspiration, Family, and Youth. So remember CrossRoads on your next shopping excursion to VINNIES. We know you’ll love it!  Take pride in knowing that profits from your purchases @ VINNIES directly support your local SVdP Community Outreach Programs. The CrossRoads Department continues to look for merchandise to meet our customer’s needs. If you are looking for a special item, please inquire at our store or call us at (920) 892-4913.

Vincent Treasures @ VINNIES

Visit our Vincent Treasures Facebook page created to showcase epic TREASURES found at St. Vincent de Paul Stores. You never know what you’re going to find when visiting a St. Vincent de Paul store! This is part of the excitement of shopping at our store. Maybe you’ll find a piece of retro furniture? Or maybe some depression-era glass? How about some vintage jewelry? Valuable pocketwatch? Antique toy? It might just be a piece of nostalgia from your childhood? This is what makes shopping at St. Vincent de Paul stores so exciting and unique every day.

We cannot be thankful enough for our outstanding donations each day. Without these donations, there would be no treasures for our shoppers. And something that one person considers worthless may be considered valuable by someone else! So let’s get the word out about these treasures at St. Vincent de Paul stores! The shopping adventure begins here! Enjoy browsing some Vincent Treasures.

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Ebay Store @ VINNIES

Check out our Ebay™ Community Store! Donations from our community allow us to offer specific items like designer handbags, antiques, collectibles and many other treasures to our customers. Ebay™ gives us the opportunity to share these items with a larger market including our current customer base. Our Ebay™ items are available on our Ebay™ Community Store, as well as, at our local store VINNIES.

Because of our commitment to customer service, we are able to pride ourselves on 100% positive feedback and quick, affordable shipping. For questions regarding our Ebay™ store items, feel free to message our online store Ebay™ Community Store, email us at, speak with a store associate at our VINNIES store or call us at (920) 892-4913.

We thank our patrons for their donations to our charitable organization, St. Vincent de Paul Plymouth (VINNIES). The proceeds from sales on your donations directly affect people needing help in your community. Visit our Ebay™ SVdP Community Store and find a treasure!

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